Who We Are

Smart-ESC is an international distributor of electronic components. A world-class provider of active and passive semiconductors, embedded technology products, hard drives and LCD displays.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Smart-ESC understands its customer needs, concerns and demands. Through our experience we understand the difficulties our clients face, and by working closely with you, we’re able to achieve great results. We prioritize ourselves in maintaining your cost effective production while providing an immediate solution.

As your trusted supply chain source, we look to build a successful long-term partnership safeguarding your production. Quality is at the forefront, along with competitive pricing and respectable deliveries. We aim to exceed your expectations, not only proving to be a vital partner, but rather, becoming an extension of your company and its philosophy.

Our services are dedicated solely to end-users, be it OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) companies.

Smart-ESC’s multilingual staff can effectively communicate with customers across the globe. Allocating highly trained sales and customer service representatives and technicians that you can understand is one of our key assets. Fluid communication helps create a fundamentally solid partnership.

Our professional team is committed to Smart-ESC’s core values: Integrity, Quality, Service, Customer Care.

  • integrity


    An honest and trustworthy long term partnership driven by our professional and ethical business approach.

  • quality


    Focusing beyond OEM/EMS’s highest level of principles and practices, safeguarding your production and meeting evolving needs.

  • service


    Delivering as promised. Not only in the product that we supply, but in our commitment to exceed expectations. Full circle from quote and consultation right up to delivery and tracking.

  • customer

    Customer Care

    Dedicated to remaining available and accessible when our clients need us. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage within the procurement process.

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